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JJWTech, Inc. is a US based California company, that is dedicated to providing you with
high quality Emergency and Disaster Supplies in bulk and at wholesale pricing.

We sell our Disaster Preparedness Products such as emergency food rations,
emergency drinking water, 50 year long shelf life water, emergency tools, sanitary
supplies, first aid kits and ready made grab-n-go survival kits with 72 hour rating at
wholesale pricing to:

  •    private end consumers
  •    businesses for office, warehouse and factory preparedness
  •    schools and organizations
  •    local, state, federal and other government agencies
  •    assemblers for 72 hour emergency and disaster survival kits
  •    resellers and retailers, with online and conventional stores (minimum order
    quantities apply!)

Emergencies can happen at any time and place and they will not wait for you to be
Our Emergency and Disaster Survival Kits are grab-n-go ready so you are prepared!

Even a simple power outage can leave you without light, heat or communication and the
emergency supplies in our kits will come in handy.

We ship to customers within the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii.
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